Send Your Pup to Boot Camp

Schedule an appointment with us for dog boarding training in Temecula, CA

We specialize in aggressive behaviors and what some associations call “aggressive breeds". Our trainer has years of training experience with working breeds. Count on MTR Canine for top-notch dog boarding training in the Temecula, CA area. Fidel is certified in the following disciplines:

  • Basic and advanced bite building / decoying
  • Odor imprinting
  • Tracking
  • Off leash control
  • E collar instructor

If you are looking to open your dogs full potential, give us a call at 760-637-1234 to learn more about our dog board training.

Benefits of dog boarding and training

Imagine having a dog that is a joy to be around and one that responds to your every command. Our dog boarding and training services provide many benefits to your dog. Some important benefits include:

  • Committing your dog to 100% supervision
  • Giving the trainer 100% one-on-one time with your dog
  • Completion dates are shorter than expected or on time
Your dog will return home from training school joyfully responding to your commands and showing favorable behaviors. Set up dog boarding and training with MTR Canine today.